A collaborative podcast about our collective sexual truth.

The structure of each episode of What Sex Can Be will be similar to an NPR or This American Life style podcast: an audio essay that weaves together the voices of a number of different people in our collective with research, poetry, and whatever else might help us deepen our understanding of a topic. Sometimes we might mix in background music and soundscapes that help the listener feel like they’re on an auditory journey.

Our thinking is the more real someone’s story can feel for the listener, the more it can feel like a possible reality for the listener to live into. That imaginal, empathetic way of experiencing could enable listeners to try on the stories they hear as new potential realities for their own sex lives. Our hope is that this podcast feels like an embodied invitation to live and make love in a new, more true way.

Season 1 Topics We're Exploring

Here' are some of the topics we're planning on exploring in Season 1. Undoubtedly, there will be topics that aren't on this list that we also end up pursuing.
Sex Drive and Desire. How do we relate to our sex drive and our level of desire? The plan is to interview various people and understand which ways of relating to their libido serve them the most. Definitely want to talk to Emily Nagoski about the female arousal system.
The Neuroscience of Kink. What’s the evolutionary biology of kink? What is socially imparted and what is biologically imparted? Are genetics a part of it? What is the difference between pain and pleasure? Some sects of traditional tantra don’t see a distinction. What are the spiritual implications of that? The plan is to interview a mix of kinksters and researchers to unpack these and more burning questions.
Attunement. How can we continue cultivating the ability to listen exquisitely to ourselves and our partner(s)? How can that depth of embodied presence impact our sex?
Power and Dehumanization in Sex & Culture. What moves someone from objectifying humans to revering, respecting, and loving humans? What helps us move from “us vs. them” into “you are the part of me that I don’t know yet”?
The Best Sex of Your Life. Why was it so good? Storytelling and dissecting what makes for good sex from multiple perspectives.
How Do We Actually Heal Sexual Trauma? The plan is to interview a variety of healing practitioners from talk therapists using different modalities to sexological bodyworkers to rolfers to cranial sacral practitioners to see what through-lines exist from a wide holistic lens. Then also interviewing people who have healed sexual trauma and are loving their sexual experience and understanding how it happened, what insights can be gleaned, etc.
How Can We Have Better Orgasms? Deep dive on what orgasms are, what is arousal, and what happens when orgasms happen. Interviewing people on what methods, mindsets, practices, tools, containers, etc. they’re creating to create incredible orgasms.
Owning Our Transgressions. The internet is not a safe place to admit that you made a mistake or realize that you transgressed upon someone else. This episode involves people sharing moments in which they’ve violated boundaries, knowingly or unknowingly, how they’ve related to it, and grown from it. The plan is to interview folks from the restorative justice world to understand how they facilitate effective healing conversations between people who’ve caused sexual harm and those who were harmed by them.
This is just the beginning of the topics we're interested in pursuing.

✨ If any of these topics light you up – or there's a topic you'd like to propose, we’d love for you to join our collective and share your thoughts and stories on our calls. Your creative direction and voice could end up in the podcast.

Consent Matters (Even in Podcasting)

Everyone whose words make it into the first draft of a podcast episode will have final approval on how their words, identity, and likeness are presented in the podcast.
This means that if you’re present in the podcast you have the power to ensure that your voice and identity are presented in a way that aligns with your values. Consent is important and it matters in all areas of life. Therefore it matters in the design and the delivery of a podcast. Because we gather on recorded calls and in-person recorded gatherings, obviously, everything’s recorded. Giving everyone complete creative jurisdiction over the use of their words and identity is not only the right thing to do, but we hope it allows people to relax a bit more when being recorded.
We don’t want to put anything out into the world that you don’t feel 100% great about. You get to discern:
  • If you want your name present in the show notes, on the website, spoken aloud on the podcast itself
  • Which clips of your voice you feel comfortable with being present in the podcast
  • What kinds of information you want to share in general: ie we can re-record a segment or a sentence if you realize you share information you’d rather not have.
We are deeply committed to making sure that everyone who is recorded for the podcast feels deeply safe about the information that they’re sharing and their identity.
This, of course, is an ongoing conversation and collaboration of needs and preferences. We invite you to share your thoughts, ideas, and preferences about how best to creatively jam on sex in private and public going forward.


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© 2024 What Sex Can Be

© 2024 What Sex Can Be