Question of the Week:

What is it you really want when you want to have sex with another person?

(sourced from Emily Nagoski)


🎙️ by Katie Mae

Last Week's Question:

What about sex do you wish was considered normal in our larger culture?

Not in any particular order, things that come to mind:

- feeling connection and intimacy

- ability to express & receive frustrations and deeper emotions in a non linguistic way

- for orgasmic bliss

- express my admiration and love and care for the other

- to play in a space of vulnerability and trust

- to know the other person better

- to tune out the rest of the world and have our arena of play become the only thing that matters

📝 by Jon Bo

I want to feel beauty in my body. I want to feel love move through me to my partner and feel love move through my partner to me. I want to feel and explore what pleasure feels like in my body in this next moment. I want to give my body the opportunity to come alive and express what’s alive. I want to let my psyche run wild. Sometimes I just have to touch them, like nothing is more important than exploring their body, their psyche, their aliveness, dancing in embodied creativity.

📝 by Savannah Kruger

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