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Share a story, fantasy or any thoughts you have on the topic of ecosexuality.


"The ocean can definitely dom the shit out of you."

🎙️ by JuicyFruits

📖 + 📽️ by Payton


"Being outdoors is so disarming and it makes me vulnerable. It makes me feel childlike and stupid and joyful and truly blissful again…"

🎙️ by Payton

Ok for me - nature is the most beautiful thing there is, bodies of all living beings included. I love the arcing organic curves found along river walls, canyons, and booties and the sensual spirals of many plants.

I love being able to strip off clothes and sun bathe climb romp my way through wild places.

Then there are the raw primal experiences I’ve had making love under an open sky. Recently my partner and I found ourselves alone along this gorgeous flowing river in lush tropical forest. The rocks were so curvaceous and the water pounding them as it flowed by. We made love as birds zipped over head and I felt so connected to the aliveness of our earth-home.

📝 by Eelz


"I gave the tree my erotic energy…I imagined the tree grabbing my hips as I thrust into it…"

"I aroused myself by laying in the tomato plants…"

🎙️ by Ocean

*a design fiction fantasy exploration of ecosexuality*

the treehouse sits a two minute walk away from the courtyard surrounded by our co-living residences. it's far away enough into the trees that sound and sight don't carry, close enough I can be bop on over when the time is right, in nothing but some sandals. she should already be up there, snuggled up in a blanket waiting for me. I grab a thermos of tea for her and slip it into my small backpack, and set out on a mostly-unmaintained trail into the trees. We're approaching golden hour and the trees are celebrating.

arriving at the base of the tree, I see the rope ladder swaying gently in the wind. The treehouse - actually more just the floor of the structure - sits about 30 feet up, nestled into a healthy oak tree. The platform is roughly hexagonal in shape, prioritizing living branches by cutting around them and adapting to their shape and presence. There is a rope ring for a railing and a thin, almost entirely transluscent mosquito net surrounds the whole structure, wrapping fully around the entrance.

I call out to her. in a few seconds her head pops out of the narrow entry hole. She smiles and disappears back up into the platform. I grab a rung and start pulling myself up without using my legs: a fun way to wake the upper body up after a couple of hours of looking at a computer screen. I reach the top and slip my leg into a rung and slip myself through the entrance, unzipped and welcoming for me. She's laying on the mattress a few feet away, looking up at the trees.

I move over to her and embrace her, giving her a quick kiss and then a few more on the forehead for good measure, feeling her warm embrace around me. I peel myself away and go back to the platform and slide it closed, appreciating the tight seal and newfound privacy. We weren't invisible, but with an ear to the unmistakable crack of branches and twigs we knew exactly when and who was approaching us. High enough up that if we squatted, nobody would see us from the ground. Sufficient privacy yet transparent and open to the canopy around us.

I turn back around to see her pawing at me, inviting me in to play and I pounce toward her. We proceed to play, in the trees, surrounded by birds and the warm waft of the sunlight, the whispering of the leaves and rustlings of the other life around us. We're in heaven.

📝 by Jon Bo


"I love the way my labia feel when I'm swimming naked in the water."

🎙️ by Katie Mae


"I'm able to surrender into the full force of the water against my body…feeling the immense power of this water sourced from so many different ecosystems…"

🎙️ by Savannah Kruger

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