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What helps you feel connected to your sexual energy?

Situations in which I get feelings of wildness help me connect with my sexual energy. When I'm in nature, when I break out of routine, when I feel freedom.

Also, space and downtime help me connect. When I find those downbeats and slow moments I get a chance to tune into my body, and I usually find some sexual desire there.

Lastly, dancing is a consistent opportunity to let my body lead the way, and often I find myself moving in ways that awaken my sexuality.

📝 by JuicyFruits

a variety of things.

food for sure, specifically eating a lot. even the thought/fantasy is enough, and applies to myself and others. I don’t really understand this, but it gets me very excited.

music and dancing can bring a different direction as well in terms of sexuality. In music it can be so easy to embody points of view for me, to inhabit them in my body, or be uncomfortable as well. The hypermasculine can be uncomfortable at times, and other times bring out some kind of dominance thing.

Other times, listening to music by more fluid, less gendered music, makes me feel and fall into the same. A more expressive and wild version, pushing dominance to the side in its cage, and opening up expression. Dancing with wild and loose limbs instead of falling rigidly into the beat. At times i guess this can be a full melting of being.

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Artwork by Igor Shcherbakov


Some things that help me connect to my sexual energy are:

  • Dancing

  • Being embodied: bringing my attention to what's happening in my body in the present moment.

  • It makes me wonder if sexual energy *mine* to begin with?

  • Weed: so good.

  • Safety is such a prerequisite for all of this.

  • Spaciousness of time is another prerequisite

  • Music, especially slowed down

  • Nature and to be of the senses

  • Trusting that that which is animating me is creative, sexual aliveness and thus feeling more of what’s already there

📝 by Savannah Kruger


"I go feline. I like to connect to that wild cat energy."

"Sometimes I just need to let it be ok that I'm not feeling [sexual energy] that much…this [energy] comes and goes in waves."

🎙️ by Katie Mae

- going for a long walk or bike ride outside

- swimming in the ocean

- taking an edible (but not getting *too high* - gotta find the right level)

- climbing up trees or ropes

- stretching

- meditating

- being warm but not sweaty-hot, probably right around an oceanside breeze in the shade. and not too cold

- taking a shower, alone or together: relaxes my whole self. gives me a chance to listen to myself, to get a bit more embodied. a chance to get to the level of clean I want

- writing erotica about memories of good sex or explorations of fantasies

- watching porn that I actually like and respect

📝 by Jon Bo

I increasingly appreciate being in and with my body, putting on or taking off clothes, celebrating the sensual curves and inner realms of impulses, desires, imagination. Taking a few moments or a nice long solo stretch to really tune into where my inner energy is and specifically the erotic energy flowing in me helps me anchor more of my passion when connecting with a partner.

📝 by Eelz


The idea of death…how contemplating death can make you horny or sort of inflate a sexual energy within yourself because it reminds you of your mortality and how short life is. It’s this humbling call to feel connection, kiss, fuck, touch, love. Because maybe you were alone in death and maybe life is a time to experience the miracle of connecting with others.”

🎙️ by Payton


"Hearing myself moan out loud."

“Getting back into my animal body”

Savannah asked a follow up question: "I’d love to hear more about how you connect with your pelvic bowl and help the energy move freely." and here's Ocean's response:


"I might ask myself a question like: What do you need to let go of that's in your pelvic bowl?"

"I might ask my pelvic bowl: What do you have to say?"

🎙️ by Ocean

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