Prompt of the week:

Challenge: do one thing you know supports you in feeling more pleasure.

Share out how it went & what you experienced.


"Definitely noticed after going to my gym, I felt greater sex drive…"

"I definitely took more pleasure in my body because I was inhabiting my body."

🎙️ by Savannah

This week I did molly. I noticed - and found myself acting on - the desire to stretch and move more so than when I’m sober. It felt amazing to stand up and stretch when I wanted to, and just the act of doing so was pleasurable. But I feel it also warmed me up to be able to move around and dance with others with more ease than when I’m in my default state. I think the learning here is to be more in tune and receptive to what my body wants, and hold a more welcoming stance to acting on that when I’m in a space I feel comfortable in.

📝 by Jon Bo

Last Week's Question:

What is your relationship with pleasure?
What would help you to let more pleasure in?

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